Since qualifying in 2007 I have spent years customising what I believe to be a complete approach to healthcare which incorporates several systems of medicine in an attempt to provide the most integrative and individualistic approach to each patient.

This approach includes Homeopathy, Functional medicine, Bioregulation, Biopuncture, and neutraceuticals.

After I qualified as a homeopath, I went into private practice with colleagues in the Durban area. I was soon approached by Heel (Germany) to become a professional international trainer of Biopuncture in South Africa. I went on to be trained in both Belgium and Germany in 2010 and 2011 respectively, as a professional speaker and trainer of this modality, and was accredited by the then IABP (International Academy of Biopuncture). Since 2011 I have been fortunate to have lectured to thousands of doctors and other healthcare workers on this modality which has grown in recognition over the years.

At the same time I lectured Diagnostics to the fourth and fifth year Chiropractic and Homeopathy students at DUT, and held the position of regional chairperson for my professional association for 3 years.

At the start of 2018 I decided it was time to exercise my brain in a different way, and I joined the Renewal Institute, as part of their Health Renewal team with several other integrative doctors. I was with the Renewal Institute for just over 2 years before returning to private practice. In those 2 years I acquired new knowledge and skills, including a certificate in ACLS (Acute Cardiac Lifesaving Support).

I am passionate about my profession, and I pride myself in providing treatment that is current, evidence-based and effective. Each individual is unique and as a result no illness behaves exactly the same way in different patients. I therefore believe in a clinical approach to case taking and diagnostic work up, but a very individual approach to treatment.

I am of the mindset that it is our role to try and assist patients in maintaining their health, as opposed to just treating acutely when unwell all the time. This approach oftens requires pathology tests, genetic profiling, an approach to diet, sleep, and lifestyle, and above most – time!

As a result of my passion for change within the healthcare system I have been privileged to write for local natural health magazines, speak on radio, and appear on local television on a number of occasions.

Outside of my profession I am a mother of 2 healthy and energetic children, and I am an avid equestrian!