Chiropractic is a form of manual medicine which is considered alternate or complimentary medicine. Chiropractic identifies subluxations or misalignments in the spine which affects the body causing pain and other problems. These are then adjusted or manipulated using specific techniques to align the joints allowing the body to function optimally. Chiropractic is the 3rd largest provider of health care in the world (1st GP, 2nd Dentist)

YES YES and yes again. The chances of a side effect is extremely low. Sometimes people have a slight ache as they have not been to a chiropractor before or in awhile, just like when you go to gym for the first time. Your body is not used to it.

Yes, chiropractic is effective. Most conditions are able to be treated with chiropractic care, if we are not able to help we will refer you onto the appropriate health care provider. There are stats 90-93% effective.

There is a misconception with regards to the above term. According to Dr Heidi Haavik (who is the leading researcher in Chiropractic) and its effect on the nervous system, describes a vertebral subluxation as a condition where the body is not moving in an ideal way. The terms ‘out of place’ or ‘misaligned’ are often used for this. Chiropractors adjust the vertebral subluxations to allow the body to function optimally

The brain controls all processes within the body, it does this by sending messages to the spinal column and the spinal nerves. The body replies by the same process. This process can be hindered by a vertebral subluxation where the bone or joint is not moving ideally. The body is able to function but not optimally or at 100%, as the full message cannot get through from the body to the brain or the brain to the body. Chiropractors adjust these vertebral subluxations which restores optimal range of motion, nerve communication and function thus allowing for the body to reach full healing potential.

Improved or altered visual acuity and visual field
Reduced joint position sense error
Decreased reaction times
Altered brain processing
Changes in the way that our brain integrates sensory and motor information
Altered spinal cord reflex excitability
Changes to specific messages that get sent to muscles from the central nervous system
Increased muscle strength to the legs
Reduced (or prevented) muscle fatigue developing

Pain is not a good indicator of health. It is the last way of your body telling you that something is wrong, and your body is not breaking down and tissue damage occurring. Before pain there was already an issue but your body was not able to heal it as you were either consistently hurting it by bad habits such as posture, sedentary occupation, muscle weakness or incorrect techniques at gym. The world health organization statistics show the biggest cause of lower back pain is prolonged sitting.

Self manipulation is not a good thing! As this is not specific adjustment, you usually adjust the wrong area as it’s easier to click as it’s not as tight. You will still feel better as there is a release of endorphins but you are causing other problems, where the adjustment vertebrae moves more than it should and thus the one you wanted to adjust gets tighter, causing a snowball effect. This can eventually lead to other problems such as compression of nerves or spinal cord as the vertebra slips forward or backward as its hypermobile.

The birthing process can be extremely traumatic for any baby. In todays world a lot of babies are delivered by C-section or by the help of a ‘clamp’ or ‘fork’. This prevents the natural birthing process where the baby is delivered through the canal where natural adjustments and alignment of the spine can take place. This can cause conditions such as colic, reflux, poor sleeping patterns, constipation and many others.

This depends on what type of chiropractor you see. In South Africa we are trained in a diversified technique allowing us to treat more than just the spine. We do special tests called orthopaedic tests assessing cartilage, ligament and tendon injuries. Neurological tests for damage, inflammation and compression to spinal nerves. We are well rounded in sports injury assessment and management. If you are unsure just ask when phoning.

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